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August 31, 2012

Vegas Believes in Georgia's Defense

One of the most entertaining perks of this job is serving as PWD's therapist/dream crusher.  A good 75%* of my posts are a direct response to a phone call I get with him either despondent or extraordinarily excited about something.

This morning's excitement was over the line Vegas set for number of points Georgia's defense will give up this season. Bovada has our o/u on ppg allowed at 11.5.  11.5 points per game for the regular season. Paul's point (which is well taken) is that Vegas knows what they are doing on these things. For example, last season they set the o/u on this at 20.3. Georgia gave up 20.6.

If we get close to this, like 2 ppg close, his excitement is very well placed.


*Not really. It is more like 30%.


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