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August 10, 2012

Camp Question of the Day

(Image: Colquitt at UGA Sports from Macon Telegraph)
Who is Merritt Hall? I have my predictions about who will play the most fullback this season, especially considering the differences in size and such, but with Merritt Hall getting the pub from CMR, it is time we learned more about this walk-on from the Wesleyan School in Atlanta, where he played linebacker.

He made waves by being listed as the starting fullback out of Spring, notably over Richard Samuel, when the post Spring depth chart was released.  He is 5-11 and about 240. He is member of #teammustache. And he is playing fullback with reckless abandon, which is what is getting his coach's attention right now.
He’s not perfect by any means but he knows who to hit, he comes with a lot of hat-speed,” Richt said, referring to speed while blocking. He’s putting his hat in the right spot.”
For what it is worth, the head coach talking about the fullback being able to block doesn't bother me. For my money, fullbacks need to be able to block, then worry about running.  If Hall came out of Spring practices ahead of Samuel and Ogletree, it is fair to say he is doing quite well with blocking. That is why he was listed as the biggest surprise coming out of Spring.

I think it is his willingness to hit the crap out of people:
"It's not that much different from linebacker," said Hall, now a redshirt freshman. "You just hit the c--- out of people."
Now, that is a quote I can get behind. Hall is a bit of a mystery and being a walk-on will be a source of consternation if he is the starter until he shows what he has in games. However, if he isn't afraid to use his hat-speed to hit the crap out of someone looking to tackle a Georgia player with the football and can do so competently play after play, I don't care. That is all I need to know about Merritt Hall.



Unknown said...

It's not like UGA hasn't featured walk-ons at FB in the past. Some very good ones, I might add. I think Hicks is the future, but I don't mind Hall getting his chance.

Anonymous said...

Chad Hall's cousin. Chad Hall was an undersized RB from Air Force that has made a home for himself in the NFL. If Merrit works as hard as his cousin, we will be just fine!

Anonymous said...

If he can slow down Clowney and Taylor, he will deserve a scholarship.

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