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August 16, 2012

Carlton Thomas to Graduate from UGA in December

I saw a few snippets that Carlton might be giving up football and coming back to finish his degree. Apparently, that is the case, as there is a Carlton James Thomas enrolled for fall semester at UGA. He reportedly will be a December graduate.

While I hate to see his football career over, if this is true it is a very feel good story for a guy that is a Damn Good Dawg. Despite all of the joking we made about him at GSB, he was consistently one of our favorites due to his lack of fear about blocking linebackers or defensive backs who were often times twice his size. If other running backs showed his intestinal fortitude or knowledge of the playbook in blocking, I'd never have level three meltdowns over 'blocking schemes' again.


ED NOTE: Marc Weiszer at the Athens Banner Herald had the Thomas thing a couple of weeks ago and I completely missed it. I updated the post to link to his article and to reflect the certainty over Carlton's situation. 


Todd Miller said...

Most important thing is he will earn his degree.

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