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August 3, 2012

First Friday's Question for Camp

I'm still too steamed to write anything sane about the #FreeKoltonHouston situation, so I'll worry about kickers:

Will the new kickers step up? Who are these young men, the heirs successors next in line to the Georgia haz awesome special team thrones? One is Marshall Morgan, a kid with a big leg and a big personality, out of Fort Lauderdale. The kicker was targeted by Mark Richt early on and has been in the fold for some time. You would think with Blair Walsh's issues last year, I'd be more worried about place kicker, but I'm not. I've  watched enough of his place kicks and kickoffs on the internet to feel comfortable with him. I am reserving judgement about his ability to kick the ball to a four square yard area between the 10 and 15 yard line with a seven second hang time, as it appears he might be asked to do. I do feel good about him being asked to kick it to the back of the end zone. 

His place kicking motion is fluid and consistent. Is he able to consistently hit 55 yarders? Remains to be seen, but he definitely has the leg for it. Will he be money from 40 yards in? YBYSA he can.

The other is punter Collin Barber from Cartersville. As a senior at Cartersville High School, he was well known for his ability to consistently out kick his coverage, literally.  He has a big leg but needs to work on consistency in motion to help his cover guys out, so he needs coaching and practice to make sure Georgia's downward trend in punt coverage doesn't continue.  Not that I think Barber will be the whole issue, but keeping hang time up while kicking the ball in a consistent direction over 45 yards will be a goal, one that Georgia needs him to achieve.  He also is a pretty good place kicker, too.

Overall, I think both will do well in their careers at Georgia. No one will confuse Barber for Butler, at least for a couple of years. Morgan needs to have a more consistent season as place kicker than Walsh did last year.



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