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August 20, 2012

Georgia at Missouri Football Tickets

If you are going to the Missouri game, you are probably holding out hope for a single game ticket through Mizzu's athletic department. We'll know next Friday if those are available (Hint: not very likely). The Georgia game has been circled on their schedule since they cancelled the Gateway Challenge whatever it was they called the old Illinois game held annually in St. Louis to kick off the season. And they are beside themselves with excitement for SEC football.

Not everyone is into aftermarket tickets; I get that. But if you like having a ticket in hand, buying something from a ticket broker assures a place in the stadium. That way you can do important things like talk trash and enjoy fine adult beverages pre-game, instead of engaging in street level commerce. To that end, we've got a new affiliate agreement with I've used them before and found them to have a good number of tickets for Georgia's games, including Missouri.

Check out the selection.

For cost comparison sake, face value of the Georgia game tickets are $75 before all the other charges like S&H. Our affiliate has the standing room only tickets for around $110 and seated tickets for $140.

Missouri's Seating Chart:

Georgia will sit in the brown section, Sections 1-5, plus parts of 6, A,B,C,S,T,SS, and TT. My guess is the Redcoats will be down in that corner in Section 1 or 2. I'm going to have my eye on the tickets and let folks know if they are available next Friday. 



Anonymous said...

Can't decide whether or not to go ahead and jump on the standing room only tickets or wait until Friday to see if there are any leftovers from Mizzou. How much do you think ticket brokerage prices will jump Friday after the remaining tickets from Mizzou are sold out? Think there will be a lot of Dawg fans on the Hill in standing room only?

Tyler Dawgden said...

I don't think there will be any more tickets released by Missouri. It is possible, but unlikely. I know the Georgia allotment just got mailed out, so it is possible there will be an influx of tickets on the secondary market here.

I talked to an acquaintance in the know in Columbia and he thinks the street market will be crazy. This is their 'Gold Rush' game and first game in the SEC. He predicts a large crowd of folks that'll just show up to try to get them off the street. Think Georgia-Auburn blackout, but on the appropriate scale.

The problem is the face value. At $75, it is going to take some serious influx to get the price down much if he is right about demand.

I considered SRO, but decided not to chance 1) missing the game because someone was too lippy; or 2) missing the game because I was too lippy. The trade off wasn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

As both a Georgia and Mizzou alum I figure I'd offer up what little information I know....Mizzou's stadium is pretty small and the majority of the extra seating is on the hill. General Admission means the hill "seating." I've never actually seen this get sold out except at the Mizzou/Oklahoma homecoming game two years ago, and they pack them in like sardines. Hill tickets are usually available on the day of the game, or you can sign up for an email that will let you know if they're going into pre-order. It's actually kind of fun on the Hill if you really don't mind standing the entire game, but don't most people who have seats do that anyway? Another suggestion is to just buy a hill ticket, and sneak over to the visitors section. If you're wearing red and black they probably won't even notice your ticket and the "policing" has never been as strict as when I was at Georgia.

If you are young enough to pass for a student.... students at Mizzou still get paper tickets, but an ID is suppose to be shown upon entrance, but last time I was there they weren't too strict on this policy. Another option is that unlike at Georgia young alums have access to season tickets which they don't always use and if you can find a facebook board or something similar you can usually find a few of those for sale.

Also, this isn't like an Auburn or Florida game, if you happen to find tickets amongst Mizzou fans they're fairly nice and if not it's fairly easy to put them in their place.

I know another commenter said they think the street tickets will be ridiculous, but I can't imagine they'd be worse than any of Mizzou's old big rivalry games and prices were almost always under $100. Almost every family I know that gets season tickets has several extras for the game and they usually don't sell them until the day of (or they just give them away) these tickets usually go for less than the people selling their single purchase ticket because the cash doesn't matter as much. So on game day you can always walk around get to know people and see if anyone has suggestions. I have friends who literally go to every game this way.

Look forward to seeing lots of Georgia support in my home state! Go Dawgs and God bless!

Tyler Dawgden said...

Glad to hear the ticket prices might moderate some. Great insight.

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