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August 21, 2012

Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion.

I've started and deleted this post about five times since last night. That is how torn I am.

However, if you are a Georgia fan, and you are taking the 'I don't care about the NCAA' stance and you are
  • Willfully calling recruits just because you have a phone and can't stand the drama of waiting until next year to find out if a 17 year old is going to come to Athens; 
  • If you are so selfish that the thought of losing a commitment, who 10 years ago we'd have known nothing about until the month before signing day, makes you ignore reason and common sense;
  • If you are so blind to the dangers to the team you profess to love that your hardheadedness drives you to call a recruit and lobby him,
I will make it my personal mission to make sure everyone you sit by at games, everyone you tailgate around, and all your fellow Dawg fans know you are the one that got the NCAA down in Athens to sniff around the football program's recruiting. It is one thing to not think about it and re-Tweet or put something on Facebook. It is another to openly state that you are taking affirmative steps to bring the pox of NCAA investigation on our house. You are dead to me.

If I find out it is a rival fan just trying to get Georgia in trouble, 1) well played and 2) I'm coming to your city. 

That is all.


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PatinDC said...

THanks for sayin what we are all thinking.

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