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August 21, 2012

JacksonDawg Memorial - Georgia Sports Blog's Annual CFB Pick'em

With JacksonDawg's runaway win in last year's RichtFlair Open Bowl Pick'em, this year's season long Pick'em will be named in JacksonDawg's honor. Fun Free Office Pools is hosting again.

And a reason to post the most awesome picture ever
To join, simply click here.

Like past years, we'll use confidence points, meaning you'll weight rank the teams based on the likelihood of your pick being right. The spread is for information only; we are not picking against the spread.

I know there are plenty of other Dawg pick'ems out there, but this is the only one that you are guaranteed blog immortality: The winner will have the Bowl Pick'em named in their honor.

Get signed up. Vandy and South Carolina kick off in just over a week. Fun Free Office Pools will open the pools to picks on Saturday.


PS. If you participated last year, you should get an email from Fun Free Office Pools with the link. If you have to cut and past a link, here it is in long form:


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