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August 15, 2012

Georgia Scholarship Retention Rates Compared to Other Schools

BTW, I figured out the answer to my original question to BuLLdawg (how Georgia's retention rate stacks up with other schools).

Team Retention Rates for the five signing classes 2008-12 of the SEC Championship game participants from the West and East for the past four seasons:

Rate (% of
players on
South Carolina
*This represents my best math using numbers readily available on the Internets. I didn't contact each school to get the numbers.
[1] Assumes Kolton Houston won't be eligible to play
[2] Removes Alabama's three endowed scholarship walk-ons
[3] Tyrann Mathieu's dismissal puts them at 84
[4] Auburn was at 76 before Zeke Pyke was dismissed
[5] South Carolina was at 85 before Tanner McEvoy left

Many folks want to blame Mark Richt for the retention rate. Actually, they get on about the attrition rate, but that is a matter of semantics. You've seen the screeds: we only have 67 of 107  signed players! While I squarely place the issues of the numbers we sign on the coach, our actual rate of retention isn't out of the norm for the programs doing very well in the conference.

I've been clear on where I place the reasons for the attrition. If you expect Mark Richt to keep those charged with felony gun crimes, those with multiple failed drug tests, those that fail out of school, or lie to players that want to transfer because they can't handle not starting, you are just going to have to hate Mark Richt and not be happy despite whatever successes come along.

Couple of other points. Interestingly, the last three national champions have the lowest retention rates. Florida's retention rate was bolstered by the small class that happened during the coaching change.  Is there anything else we can glean from this (beyond we need to sign more players)?


A great place for some of this information is That is where I came up with most of my numbers for the signing classes.


Anonymous said... has gone out of business because their data was so screwed up. Not totally their fault as many schools are not exactly forthcoming with their info.

The site was set up by some frustrated Big Ten folks...from point out the evils of the SEC and the tool they used was oversigning.

They had some valid points, but were caught with bad data so often that no one has paid any attention to them in over a year. I believe their last post was around Feb.

Tony Waller said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I probably should have noted that in the post. I remembered that and took the time to check some of their prior year numbers on signing classes, which matched.

Where they messed up was on slots available at schools in 2010 and 2011 to come up with their 'Oversigning Cup' award. One thing that I didn't back check was number of guys that didn't qualify/attend the school they originally signed with, so it is possible for the schools (save Georgia) that those numbers are a bit off. However, IF they are off, it is only off one or two on the signee side.

I only used their 2008-10 signing class data.

Tony Waller said...

It also should be noted that the main reason for their existence, namely to call out the SEC for over signing, is now a generally a moot point. I'd bet that is as much a reason for the lack of posting in a few months as anything.

It isn't as if plenty of Internet sources, including ESPN, is worried about getting a few pesky things like facts wrong.

DawgOnTap said...

In our 67...does that count the guys like Frix and Faloughi that were initial walk-ons?

DawgOnTap said...

Does the 67 include guys like Faloughi and Frix that were initially walk-ons?

Tony Waller said...

No, it only counts those that were originally recruited (offered a grant in aid) to come to Georgia.

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