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August 27, 2012

Meme Alert: Alabama is missing the tough part of the SEC

Not sure what Ben Johnson at the Conquest Chronicles (Southern Cal blog) is drinking, but I'll have some. His reasoning for not taking Alabama seriously:
You've heard it before, the hype of the SEC as voiced by our supposed neutral national media (ESECPN), but Alabama misses Florida, Georgia, Vandy and South Carolina this year on the SEC schedule, so the next time you hear the hype of the best conference in the country, just understand all these teams do not play each other year in-year out.
Now, I'll buy that in any given year having to go to Athens or Gainesville isn't a fun trip, but trying to build anything frightening out of downplaying the schedule of those ranked ahead of you with those four is some very Auburn 2004 level wishful thinking. I get he is talking up his fan base and fully agree that SC's out of conference schedule is better than 'Bamas (although he lost me with shilling Syracuse, GMAFB), but anyone in the know will tell you two things:
1) Georgia, as he points out about three paragraphs later, is good, but isn't back to the level that teams should over fret about...yet; and
2) Of the remaining list, South Carolina is the scariest, by far, which should tell you just how not scary the list is.

When you have to use missing Vandy and Florida on your schedule as a point about how easy a schedule is, you are reaching.



samuel.x.killer said...

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the USCal blogger thinking ESPN has an SEC bias? Guess the grass is always greener, huh? As an SEC fan in LA, I assure you all the SoCal bias is much, much more offensive

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