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August 13, 2012

Opposing Coaches Blame Bobo, too

Athlon has their annual SEC Inquirer issue out (h/t Blutarsky).  My favorite was how they complimented Aaron Murray, while throwing a bone to the blame Bobo crowd:
“If you look up quarterback in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Aaron Murray. He has nice composure, good leadership and a good handle of what they want to do. They might not be as sophisticated on offense as a team like Arkansas, but Murray knows what they want. He is a winner and has all the intangibles."

One other thing that stands out is you can get a pulse of the coaches' opinion about teams around the league. For example, all of Tennessee's comments were negative or neutral. Discussions of being athletic, but not tough kind of things.  It is an interesting read.


PS. Take a look at the assessment of Mississippi State: "a spread version of Georgia Tech..."


Unknown said...

Off topic, but will y'all be doing the funofficepools pick 'em again this year?

Tyler Dawgden said...

Yes. Been planning on rolling it out this week.

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