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August 13, 2012

Revisiting the Scholarship Numbers

I'm not about to beat the horse some more, but it does bear asking the question:  What does the awarding of five more scholarships to walk-ons do to our attempts to sign a super big class in 2013?  By my count we are at 80 guys on 'ship. We have 17 seniors. With no other attrition, that only leaves us 22 spots.

Just looking at it, it is reasonable to assume at least two Juniors will be gone in the draft. It is possible one more makes it, so that takes us to 25. Even with past attrition numbers, it would take a pretty rough year to get to 31-32.

Did I do the math right?


PS. Let me be clear, the guys awarded the scholarships absolutely deserve them. Hall is projecting to be the first week starter at FB. Norman and McGowan will see plenty of action, as well last prior walk-ons Frix and Faloughi. All are Damn Good Dawgs.


Anonymous said...

Walk-on scholarships are offered on a year-to-year basis, they aren't 4 year deals. For example, I think Harton and Sailors received scholarships again this year, but they had to be renewed. So if we sign 30-32 this year, a lot of these guys won't have their schollys renewed.

No big deal. This years class is going to be huge (numbers wise).

Anonymous said...

I thought that the walk-ons get scholarships just for this season and are not guaranteed fro renewal for the 2013 season. Therefore, McGowan's scholarship this season may not be renewed and take up a spot from a 2013 signee.

Anonymous said...

Technically all scholarships are one year deals

Anonymous said...

I think we can back count up to 7 EE's toward last years 25 limit..

BuLLdawg said...

Only 14 counted toward 2012 signing class, so we had 11 more of the was 17 short for 2012, which could have come in mid-season. Giving out 7 more scholarships to walk-ons in addition to the 4 already Mark Richt gave, certainly cuts down on the number we could have sign mid-year for January - counting against the 2012 signing class which was just way short with lots we wanted going elsewhere at the last minute we held for them.

I just hope that the players we recruited - like at Fullback this season, actually get to play too, and not be pushed down the depth chart to get reps for non-recruited players or players injured when they came here from high school who haven't played and who only had scholarship offers from 1-AA FCS schools.

It will be an on-going discussion on our numbers with an entire offense and defense worth of scholarship recruits missing for 2012.

Injuries and games against top teams such as Alabama or LSU in The SEC Championship Game at the end of the season, maybe bowl game top opponent, and in the grind of 14-game season, are where these 17 missing scholarship recruits come into play.

That, and like you say mid-year signees counting toward 2012 class who have to come in and take a scholarship in January.

I'd say yes, the answer to your question is yesterday's announcement by Mark Richt cuts into what could have been 11 mid-year signees counting toward 2012 signing class.

We've got a lot of numbers right now for 2013 signing class. On average recruit ranking, we're # 19 but # 5 class counting the huge numbers coming in 2013.

And, like you say take into account the normal attrition nowadays, even of those coming in 2013, signing such big numbers. You could have 8 names on 2013 signee list for us, who will be attrition in the 1st year, based on what we've been doing, year after year recently.

Missouri ? Please that team is not any good. We wipe the floor with them, even with our secondary the news for that game.

Bryan said...

There are 12 seniors of 72 true scholarship players (Excluding Harton, Frix, Sailors etc.). That gets you to 59. Add to that the possibility/likely departure of Jarvis Jones, Ogletree, Geathers and maybe even someone like Gates and you get to 55 without any attrition so we could sign 30. If you have any attrition you can sign more, either way walkon's scholarships would be at risk.

BuLLdawg said...

Here are the 67 signed scholarship recruits on campus.

2008 Signed Scholarship Recruits who with Redshirt play 2012 :
# 22 in the nation WR Tavarres King
# 29 in the nation S Bacarri Rambo
#4 in the nation RB Richard Samuel
# 13 in the nation DE Cornelius Washington
# 46 in the nation WLB Christian Robinson
# 39 in the nation CB Sanders Commings

2008 Signed Scholarship Recruits 23

2009 Signed Scholarship Recruits
# 10 in the nation DT Abry Jones
# 3 in the nation QB Aaron Murray
# 18 in the nation WLB Mike Gilliard
# 2 in the nation CB Branden Smith
# 2 in the nation WR Marlon Brown
# 18 in the nation DT Kwame Geathers
# 34 in the nation S Shawn Williams
# 20 in the nation WR Rantavious Wooten
# 5 in the nation TE Arthur Lynch
# 9 in the nation SLB Chase Vasser

2009 Signed Scholarship Recruits 20

2010 Signed Scholarship Recruits
# 84 in the nation WR Michael Bennett
# 3 in the nation OLB Alec Ogletree
# 25 in the nation RB Ken Malcome
# 12 in the nation DE T.J. Stripling
# 6 in the nation DT Garrison Smith
# 74 in the nation MLB Alexander Ogletree
# 53 in the nation QB Hutson Mason
# 90 in the nation OT Kenarious Gates
# 16 in the nation DT Michael Thornton
# 31 in the nation OG Chris Burnette
# 20 in the nation OG Dallas Lee
# 6 in the nation OT Austin Long
# 45 in the nation DE Dexter Morant
# 52 DE Brandon Burrows CANCELLED HIS TRANSFER 9 July

2010 Signed Scholarship Recruits 19

2011 Signed Scholarship Recruits dream team

# 6 in the nation S Corey Moore
# 11 in the nation MLB Amarlo Herrera
# 6 in the nation C David Andrews
# 34 in the nation WR Chris Conley
# 38 in the nation CB Devin Bowman
# 8 in the nation QB Christian LeMay
# 37 in the nation DE Sterling Bailey
# 51 in the nation WR Justin Scott-Wesley
# 23 in the nation OT Watts Dantzler
# 41 in the nation OG Hunter Long
Not ranked 2 -star long snapper Nathan Theus
# 28 in the nation OT Zach DeBell
# 9 in the nation CB Damian Swann
# 27 OLB Ramik Wilson
# 7 in the nation CB Malcolm Mitchell
# 4 in the nation TE Jay Rome
# 40 in the nation OT Xzavier Ward
# 6 in the nation DE Ray Drew
junior college transfer DT John Jenkins

2011 Signed Scholarship Recruits 26 (7 gone)

2012 Signed Scholarship Recruits

K 7 Marshall Morgan
TE 18 Ty Smith
FB 2 Quayvon Hicks
P NR Collin Barber
DT 9 Jonathan Taylor
OT 2 John Theus
OG 41 Greg Pyke
WR 52 Blake Tibbs
QB 24 Faton Bauta
RB 1 Keith Marshall
junior college transfer OT JC sophomore Mark Beard
RB 13 Todd Gurley
CB 11 Sheldon Dawson
OLB 2 Josh Harvey-Clemons
DE 74 James Deloach
DE 5 Jordan Jenkins
DE 27 Josh Dawson

2012 Signed Scholarship Recruits 19

2008 Signed Scholarship Recruits 23
2009 Signed Scholarship Recruits 20
2010 Signed Scholarship Recruits 19
2011 Signed Scholarship Recruits 26
2012 Signed Scholarship Recruits 20
67 of these 107 signed scholarship recruits of Mark Richt are eligible 2012

Tyler Dawgden said...

Good work. By your count, we undersigned by 18 in those five years (3+ per year). Were were close to going over 85 in any one of those years?

Also, I'd be interested to see what the attrition rates are at other programs. Do you have numbers or something else quantitative on other programs (not 'I bet')?

Just curious how the attrition rates, as opposed to the actual numbers still playing, look compared to Auburn, Bama, Florida, LSU.

BuLLdawg said...

Well, not actually under-signed by 18 this current 5-year period, because Mark Richt has kicked-off / transferred-out / ineligible 30 in the last year alone. If he had those 30 he would not have the

fewest number of scholarship recruits of any team in the nation.

How does Alabama look ? Or, LSU ? They hold steady at 85. Not us.

Now, we're filling up the numbers recruiting for 2013.

But, this is our best chance 2012. 2013 we will have lost the entire 2012 defense. How can we be great in 2013, facing Alabama with our entire defense gone. Answer. We cannot.

We're up to 26 commitments 2013 already and lots more to come. We have given out scholarships to 9 walk-ons 2012 after we just did the same in 2011. How'd that work out for us in 2nd halves ? In games late in the season worn out ? In opening games, with all the suspensions ?

You will note that you cannot name a scholarship recruit Mark Richt signed to play here 2012 of the 107 he did sign for 2012 who I left off the list of 67 remaining who now will play 2012 season, our best chance.

I left off Kolton Houston, for example, others include on the scholarship numbers because - well, no one has said that Kolton Houston is eligible yet for 2012.

Will he be ?

If he is, that's 68. There are not any others to name or even discuss. All gone.

40 missing. Of the 40, 30 are another long list kicked-off, ineligible, not here, transferred-out. Want that list of 30 ?

Hear any other coaches every press conference talking about their 67 scholarship recruits they have ?

Heard any coach announce on 1-day, yesterday, that 9 walk-ons are given scholarships ?

Every time has walk-ons. But, not 9 of them get a scholarship all in 1-day. Doesn't happen.

Today, we are # 19 in rankings, sorted by average ranking of the recruits.


Normally, Mark Richt is average 3.65 recruit.

Desperate - that's where we are.

And, we still have lost 9 games in a row to SEC teams who put up a winning SEC record, starting with Kentucky game 2007.

Still lost 7 games in a row to every team making the top 10, after Auburn way back in 2006.

Mizzou is # 42 in the polls for 2012, and people seriously think we might lose to Mizzou ?

Look, we play 11 opponents who average 4.8 wins and 1 opponent who made any top 25 poll.

Then, at the end of the season, we play the top teams. How many injuries and suspensions and kicked-off will there be between now and then ?

-0- ?

Of the 33 we sign for 2013, how many of them are - well, just gone ?

The answer is about 10 of the 33 will be gone.

It's what we do.

And, talk about 8 years ago in 2005.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Are you blaming Coach Richt for running off people with gun charges, domestic violence issues, those with multiple failed drug tests, lying to the coach about feeling up a girl on Spring Break and those that want more playing time?

It is one thing to not sign your max amount and be upset about that. It is another to blame the Coach for things that are best tangentially within his control.

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