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August 30, 2012

Prop Bets on the Season

Number of games Marcus Lattimore misses - 3.5
Spots Georgia drops in the polls after the first game of the season - .5
Number of Tim Tebow comparisons James Franklin draws in the Missouri game lead up on ESPN - 22.5
Number of Tim Tebow comparisons James Franklin draws in the Missouri game lead up, rest of the field - 4.5
Number of Fat Man TDs by John Jenkins - 1.5
Quarterbacks used by Florida this season - 2.5
Number of shades of orange worn by Tennessee - 2.5
Number of times the media will say Mettenberger was booted by Richt to keep from having a QB controversy - 17.5
Number of draw plays with Brandon Harton at 3rd and 9+yards - 5.5 
Wins by Tech - 6.5
Number of times Bradley says Tech's Johnson is still a genius - 14.5
Highlights per week of Matt Barkley on ESPN - 33.5
Number of wins for New Mexico - 1.5
Number of out of bounds kick offs before Georgia starts kicking it out of the end zone - 6.5
Number of players Auburn players kicked off team during the season - 1.5
Brad Wing fake punt TDs - 1.5
Number of wins for Tennessee - 7.5
Number of times James Franklin makes some reference to New Vandy - 175.5
Games until LSU fans want their QB replaced - 3.5
Number of national championships claimed by some random Alabama fan I run into at the airport - 18.5
Notre Dame's AP ranking after they beat Navy - 24.5


MarkS31 said...

On the money with most of these. But I was fortunate enough to recently move back out of Tuscaloosa after way too long there. Bama fans will tell you Bear won at least 20 on his own.

BFR said...

I'll definitely take the "over" on 2.5 shades of orange worn by Tennessee fans. Are you just TRYING to give me money with that?

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