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August 25, 2012

Vandy on Thursday Night

It is official, Vandy is the most ACC team in the SEC. Giving up a sure win over Ohio State to play on Thursday night.



JT said...

UGA needs to schedule Big10 patsies the way OSU and UM do. A playoff should change things, but other schools have been scheduling SEC dregs for years to boost their strength of schedule (i.e USC v. a down ARK, UM and OSU scheduling Vandy). UGA could deflect some of the nonsense about an easy schedule by adding a Minnesota or Perdue as an out of conference game. Apparently Minnesota is desperate enough they will travel to UNLV. We probably wouldn't even have to give a return game. You wouldn't have to pay them like you do Buffalo, its a relatively easy win, you're better prepared for a long season against better competition, and fans don't get screwed by paying exorbitant amounts for season tickets only to get Buffalo, Georgia Southern, and Florida Atlantic for three of seven home games.

Anonymous said...

“I’ll put it this way: I love opening up on Thursday night,” Williams said Friday. “I think there’s some excitement that goes with being the first game of the year. That’s really cool.”

Good freakin grief.

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