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August 27, 2012

I believe in....

I'll have my (and hopefully PWD and Quinton's) predictions for the season later this week, but on this Monday, the last Monday we have to live without actual real football to talk/bitch about for at least three months, I'm curious about something: Who do you believe in?

In talking to Dawg fans, both armchair and the guys that are currently circling campus waiting for 7am Saturday morning; we universally think we will be at least as good as last season. Note I didn't say win the same number of games. That varies wildly. However, when you look at the schedule and how things play out (insert your own playing South Carolina in October joke here), it is reasonable to think the same number of wins is likely if you think we are going to be as good.

So, who do you believe in?

I'll start: I believe in the defense. I think we are better on the line. I think we are better at linebacker. I think we held serve at the safety (Bacarri's suspension is the only reason I don't think we are better here). I think we held serve at corner. We are ranked 6th in the nation because we have returned 9 starters on a defense that was top 5 nationally last year. I particularly believe in Jarvis Jones and Malcolm Mitchell.

What that means is that we should have a lot of 21-13 blowouts. I'll take 14 of them, thank you.



Ubiquitous Ga Alum said...

I believe we are better at RB & DE.

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