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September 10, 2012

3 Questions: Show Me Answers

  1. Do we have enough heart? Yes, and then some. We never stopped playing hard and never took our foot off the gas. That is why we won.
  2. Can we contain James Franklin?I figured Franklin and Jones would end up in the same space plenty, and it ended up being key to the victory, but if you'd told me we would keep Missouri to under 3 ypc, I'd have been giddy. Franklin was even more contained, going only 25 yards on 20 carries. 14 of those yards came on one run.  Very strong stuff.
  3. Will our offensive line hold up? Missouri's defensive front is very good and very quick. They had plenty of answers and really took it to our young offensive linemen. However, we did have some bright spots, especially on the Gurley run and the drive at the end of the half where Murray was 4-5 and accounted for all 71 yards and the TD.


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