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September 10, 2012

Other Thoughts on the Missouri Trip

I'll get a chance to watch the game again tonight, but I do have a couple of random thoughts to share:

  • You could tell from the get go that Georgia's players were ready to go. That being said, Murray has to do shots or something before the game to get his eagerness out.
  • Murray would have been in the neighborhood of 80% if our guys hold onto passes that hit them in the hands.
  • The Missouri fans were so very nice. They are really, really happy to be in the SEC.
  • But.....booing when an opposing team's player is down is very bush league. I get it, you thought he was stalling to slow down the offense, but booing him when he is helped off the field? Very Florida'esque.
  • The Georgia crowd was awesome. While there were fewer people there than I would have thought (I guessed 10K) and they had us spread out in one large group and three other smaller groups in the other upper corners of the stadium, we were loud all night. Same goes for the band members there.
  • In all seriousness, if you are a Georgia fan selling Georgia tickets in the Georgia section to fans of the home team for away games, shame on you. There weren't too many of them, but it still irks me. I am a big fan of the free market system; there are plenty of markets to specifically reach Georgia fans. Use them, please.
  • Especially considering there were a number of Georgia fans on the ground that I personally saw refusing to sell tickets to Missouri fans above face value because they were waiting for Georgia fans to sell to. Which they did for face value.
  • You can complain about Aaron Murray all you want, but the back shoulder TD pass was NFL quality. Standing in the pocket and taking the pounding while consistently delivering the ball, especially in the second half, was huge.
  • Did you know Missouri accounted for 30% of their total yardage on the two long TDs?  Grantham still has some stuff to coach up on this defense.
  • Columbia is a great town. Can't wait to go back in two years.


Anonymous said...

If your state didnt fight for the CSA and every restaurant doesnt have sweet tea, you dont belong in the SEC. Go Dawgs!!

Doug said...

Concur on the friendliness of the Mizzou fans. So many of them thanked all of us for coming to Columbia and the game. And they are clearly happy to be part of the SEC - so many shirts with SEC plastered all over.

Anonymous said...

Definitiely a great visit and I got to visit my sister and her family in KC. HS football there was fun with a nephew playing, but competitive level is very poor. A bad 1A team in Georgia would have ripped both teams I saw Friday night.
Campus was beautiful. Fans were generally great and very accessible campus. NO traffic and plenty of parking!
I am tired of hearing foul-mouthed Georgia fans ripping Bobo in the 1st quarter when we are struggling to stay still on the line of scrimmage(2 First downs called back) and we have very inexperienced O-linemen...... see Theus. His initiation was rough but I am convinced he will be very good. I saw Bobo adjust with blocking help for him several times. UGA fans, if you can't say something good during the game..... get out. After the game analyze and be fair, but in the game be POSITIVE. We played very hard as a TEAM. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Cornelius washington is a cheater and deserves to be booed. It looked like he was faking the injury but it became pretty clear when he reached the sidelines and looked up at the Mizzou fans laughing while stretching his calf muscle. Later in the game unbuckling Franklin's chinstrap and ripping off his helmet while in the pile so Franklin would be forced to leave the game for at least one play.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Homer, it is a long way from exploiting a dumb rule to booing a collegiate athlete down on the turf. If you somehow don't get that, it is definitely Gatorish of you.

For what it is worth, it looked like Missouri's offense was better with Berkstresser in.

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