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September 10, 2012

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 2

I assume I have your permission to put Georgia 3rd now?

  1. Alabama - Saban is not happy with how easily I put his team in the top spot.
  2. LSU - One of the LSU RBs just gained five more yards on Washington.
  3. Georgia - If the Dawg's offensive line ever has a fecal consolidation, this team could be very dangerous.
  4. South Carolina - A strong win over an over-matched opponent. Won't be tested until Missouri comes to town.
  5. Tennessee - We'll know more about The Vawls after this weekend's hate fest, but the Bray to Hunter combo looks dangerous.
  6. Mississippi State - A win at over Auburn is a win at over Auburn. Unless, of course, UL-Monroe does it, then it is like a win at over Arkansas.
  7. Florida - Nice road win still masks the issues this team has on both sides of the ball.
  8. Missouri - Probably could rank them above Florida and Mississippi State, but couldn't justify it due to both of the other teams winning on the road.
  9. Texas A&M - So....maybe the late game collapses weren't Mike Sherman's fault.
  10. Ole Miss - Good thing they didn't play UL-Monroe.
  11. Arkansas - Too bad they didn't play UTEP.
  12. Vandy - Talk is just talk unless you can actually finish a game. Right now, Franklin is still winning the hearts and minds of Vandy fans, but unless he finds a win, their hearts and minds will wonder off to whatever it is rich folks normally do in Nashville on Saturdays.
  13. Auburn - Danny Sheridan has the name of a booster with $200K roaming the South right now looking for another Cam Newton.
  14. Kentucky - By transitive property, Kentucky is now an odds on favorite to make the DI-AA playoffs.


Anonymous said...

Miss State beat auburn at home, not that it really matters.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Yeah, my wife pointed that out last evening as well.

To be fair, when I watched the game in Columbia, there were other things that were competing for my attention.

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