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September 5, 2012

Bradley *Almost* Blames Johnson

But alas, stops himself short.
With so much to gain on Labor Day night, Georgia Tech threw it away in the time it takes to say, “No way Virginia Tech can score in 44 seconds.” Had the Jackets won, they’d have stamped themselves as the new Coastal favorite. Had they won, they’d have been ranked in the Top 25. Had they won, we’d have no real reason to wonder if the best days of Paul Johnson have come and gone. But they lost, and now we do. 
This isn’t to suggest Johnson coached a terrible game. His team was positioned to win with 13 seconds left in regulation, but the Hokies converted on fourth-and-4, same as Utah had converted on fourth-and-14 in the Sun Bowl. Two games running, Georgia Tech has been one play from victory. Two games running, it has lost in OT.
That is nearly condemnation from Johnson's biggest fan.


Bernie said...

Guess MB has bigger fish to fry too. Like in his Sunday column when he lambasts Evil Richt for letting Tree and Rambo play against Mizzou.

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