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September 5, 2012

Offensive Line Issues Loom

How concerned are you about starting a true freshman on the offensive line? How about a converted guard at center? What about a left tackle just one year off a knee reconstruction? How concerned would you be about starting a former walk on (just awarded a scholly in fall camp) at right guard?

I'm not talking about Georgia. I'm talking about Missouri. While the Tigers don't have the traditional power running game and drop back passer, the line still has to create running lanes and keep the defense from blowing up plays by disrupting timing, making the QB run/pass before he wants to, or forcing the RB into a poor running lane.

I'll have more later on Missouri's spread, but one thing to keep in mind about Missouri's spread and what they try to do offensively: Southeastern Louisiana had a sack and three tackles for loss. That by a DI-AA team against an offense that is specifically geared towards exploiting pursuit and not allowing defenders to get to the ball before the line of scrimmage. Yes, they gave up a ton of rushing yards (Kendial Lawrence had 124, with a 76 yard TD run), but they keep Franklin from killing them with his legs (6 rushes for 43 yards, 28 of those on one run). If SE Louisiana can do that, I feel ok about our defensive front against them.

There is a significant step up in talent and coaching from Hammond to Athens.



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