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September 30, 2012

First Thoughts on Tenneessee

When we look back on this game, we'll think about how we tried to give the Volunteers all the breaks they need to win. We'll think back to Bobo's crazy conservative play calling in the 2nd and 4th quarters. We'll think about Ogletree having a thousand tackles, yet not being up to speed on pass coverage. We'll think about a complete lack of down field tackling on the long busted play (despite the missed block in the back that really sprang the run).

Mostly, we'll look back on how we won the game. Our defense showed the rust of trying to incorporate new guys into a scheme that relies heavily on precision team work. To that end, we'll see an improvement as those guys continue to get game reps. Grantham does have stuff to work on. Speaking of, it might be his worse game as coach. We got no pressure from rushing the front and didn't really make efforts to change that until late in the game. 

The result? Bray became Bray.  

Still, it was a win. A win we needed. The Vols got over 300 yards offense in the second half. The did it by running right at Georgia and by that little 10 yard out pass that it seemed we didn't have any way to defend. That has to be fixed. 

Screw it. I LOVE offense.



Anonymous said...

I was thinking during the game that either this game or Tech 2010 was his worst - both wins, interestingly.

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