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September 30, 2012

The Craziest Saturday in a While

  • Alabama fell behind to Mississippi. Yes, it was only for a minute 9 seconds, but still.
  • South Carolina was losing to Kentucky. I know the students at Commonweath that showed up sober must have thought the mescaline they dropped was some serious good shit. South Carolina won anyway, but Joker's job probably got saved.
  • Tennessee and Georgia probably just scored again.
  • TAMU probably just scored on Arkansas. Again.
  • Towson, which is actually in Baltimore County, Maryland showed they were likely the best collegiate team in the state by giving LSU all they could handle.
  • West Virginia and Baylor had a slug fest that didn't get decided until late free throws put it away for the Mountaineers.
  • Oregon State got Beaver Juice.
  • Missouri needed all they had to beat UCF. This ain't the Independence Bowl, son. /smh
  • The Nebraska-Wisconsin game looked like someone had to go buy jerseys just before the game and all they had time for was putting the letters on them. Damn.


Robert said...

I've been reading your stuff for years. You never disappoint.

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