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September 24, 2012

Improvements to Strength and Conditioning

Image by Jim Hipple

The 4th quarter collapses of the past two years were the biggest red flag of our program.  They showcased the dumpster fire that our S&C program had devolved into in 2010, and the stats showed just how far we still had to go in 2011 to turn things around.

This year, the stats are remarkably improved, and it's a testament to the hiring of a top flight team of experts in their field.  Experts who fully grasp that the human body is at least moderately complex.

Let's look at the stats for rushing yards because that showcases the conditioning of the OL,RBs, DL and LBs. I included 2007 just as a frame of reference given that the season ended with a #2 ranking.

Offense 2012 2011 2010
Overall Rushing          5.95          3.95          4.07
2nd Half Rushing          6.01          3.22          3.52
4th Quarter Rushing          5.34          2.75          2.85
3rd Downs          3.86          3.47          1.42

Defensive  2012 2011 2010
Overall Rushing          3.42          3.22          3.76
2nd Half Rushing          3.24          3.71          4.08
4th Quarter Rushing          2.95          4.23          3.55
3rd Downs           1.30          1.66          2.88

Red showcases some of the worst #s from prior years while yellow highlights some key #s from this year. As you can see, we simply couldn't run the ball or stop the other guy from running it late in the game.

It's still extremely early, and the competition level is about to make a massive leap forward.  However, improvement is improvement. And right now, we look like a more competitive, well conditioned team in the 4th quarter.

What are your thoughts?



JRod1229 said...

Hard not to drink the koolaid but like you I want to see us against the talent jump. Mizzou doesn't yet have SEC depth and I have my doubts as to whether Tenn does but we'll certainly find out over the next two weeks.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed. But that is tempered by FAU and Buffalo being in the mix. We are on the right track, but I want to see more.

Anonymous said...

We absolutely pass the eyeball test this year, compared to previous years where we looked much less physical than other SEC teams. Some of our guys look like absolute beasts (Herrera, Gurley, etc.) that could play in the NFL right now.

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