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September 23, 2012

Kudos to Coach Bryan McClendon

I have been extremely critical of the lack of meritocracy plaguing Mark Richt's program for the past few years.  The use of the athletic department as a Jobs Program for former players in our S&C and GA program was becoming almost Dooley-esque.

Some of that criticism from me was pointed towards Coach McClendon.

However, I have to give Coach BMac some serious praise. Todd Gurley has evolved in his ability to pick up the blitz at an amazing rate.  Keith Marshall as well.  The nuances pass protection extend well beyond an RB's natural "run that way big fella" instincts.  That requires teaching.

You don't just stumble into crossing in front of the QB at the snap to seal off a blitzing LB and enable a long pass play.  That is taught.

BMac is more than just a recruiter.  That guy is coaching his balls off.  If he wasn't, Murray would have a heap more bumps and bruises at this point in the year.



Will said...

You can't polish a turd, and unfortunately we had recruited quite a few turds in the last few years. These boys are doing us proud. Good job, Coach.

Ubiquitous Ga Alum said...

Look at Ken Malcome for evidence ... He was a malcontent last year (quit the team) and showed little interest in being a complete RB ... this year he's doing all the right things and fights hard on every play ... same coach just a diff attitude.

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