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September 7, 2012

Missouri: More like the SEC West

I've toyed with writing this post three or four times, but never could quite hit on how I wanted to put this: By appearances of the state, Missouri is more appropriate in the SEC West.

If you've ever driven from St. Louis, which is a lovely city if you like Dallas' heat and humidity, Oklahoma's tornadoes, Amarillo's ice storms, and Omaha's snow, to Columbia, you know what I mean. Once you leave the St. Louis metroplex, you are in for a stream of cigarette outlets, porn shops, storefront Churches of God of Prophesy of Born in the Word of the Blood, porn shops, a couple of Hardees, and trailers. Not that there is anything wrong with any of those things. Oh, and they use a weird convention of letter and number combinations for their state and county roads.

For the record, Columbia is a beautiful town, no sarcasm intended. It has a decent music scene, good food, and a fun vibe.  The bars are a little less focused on the 'let's pile in and drink' places you see on Clayton and more like the chill vibe places you see else where in downtown Athens. If you like pizza, a visit to Shakespeares is nearly mandatory. Campus and downtown run together, separated by Elm Street, much like Broad Street in Athens. However, once you get out of town. Dude.

But hey, Oxford and Tuscaloosa are nice towns, right. I'm just saying Missouri might be a better fit for the SEC West.

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JAX said...

who gives a shit? you get in, watch us beat their asses, and then leave.

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