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September 7, 2012

3 Questions: Missouri

It was hard getting it down to just 3.

  1. Do we have enough heart? While we are a more talented team, especially on both lines of scrimmage, do we have the 'want to' to go to Missouri, play the kind of game for four quarters we need to, and win. Georgia hasn't had many of those games in the past few seasons. If the off season talk was just talk, then we'll see it when the Missouri fans start getting crazy in the second half. Hopefully, all of my newly polished lines about 'old man football' will get an appropriate post game workout.
  2. Can we contain James Franklin? I am far more concerned about Franklin's legs than his arms. Time and again we left a large part of the left side of the field open for Zordich to run. Franklin isn't a lumberer. He is a tailback with bad intentions and a great arm.  He didn't complete a pass for over 30 yards in the opener. They run the zone read spread, so look for Franklin to find any excuse to run. Look for any excuse for Grantham to put Jarvis Jones and James Franklin in the same space at the same time.
  3. Will our offensive line hold up? Missouri's front four are young, but tough. They accounted for three sacks and a ton of tackles in the first game. They held Southeast Louisiana to 58 yards on 34 attempts. We have to have consistent line play to give Murray time to pick apart the Missouri defense, give our running backs some space to make plays, and to free up Artie Lynch and the fullbacks to get involved in the passing game.  
I'm trending positive, but we can't play that lackluster 'meh' defense we played in the first half against Buffalo and come home with a win.



Tim McFadden said...

I like your use of the word meh. Seriously, I invented that word with my brother back in the early 90's with a slightly different meaning.

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