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September 18, 2012

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 3

  1. Alabama - Someone will have to tell Saban that the Arkansas game is over. He just called for a blitz on Brandon Allen again.
  2. LSU - Not sure if LSU is still in the SEC, but they are sure putting up big numbers on teams from the Northwest.
  3. Georgia - Just waiting for Pat Dye to say Georgia isn't man enough to drink Mai Tais with Jamey Franklin.
  4. South Carolina - Sure sign of Fall's arrival: Spurrier is dissing is presumptive starter.
  5. Florida - Two road wins in their toughest road games until November have Corrine Brown looking for ways to mispronounce Muschamp.
  6. Mississippi State - Mississippi State gets a huge break avoiding UL-Monroe in the Sun Belt conference race this season.
  7. Missouri - The Tigers win at home with their backup QB. No truth to the rumor Gary Pinkel is the lone non-moderator member of the Spurrier's QB management listserv.
  8. Tennessee - You know when your best pass is caught by your coach out of bounds, you aren't having a good game.
  9. Texas A&M - Hey, congrats Aggies, you held a lead.
  10. Ole Miss - Glad to see Hugh Freeze's squad holding Texas under 70 points.
  11. Vandy - Vandy gets the win over a whole religion, which, of course, knew they were going to lose.
  12. Kentucky - I nearly put Auburn and Arkansas above Kentucky, but I honestly think UL-Monroe would need double overtime against the Wildcats. 
  13. Auburn - Chizik is who we thought he was.
  14. Arkansas - [insert random hot piss joke here]


Anonymous said...

Florida has beat two tough teams on the road. Probably have them at number 3 right now. Of course, that will change next week when they get waxed by LSU.

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