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September 26, 2012

Vandy Penalties Revisited

One of the things I talked about was the mindset of Georgia considering the penalties we racked up last year and how much we let them punk us into terrible penalties. This game, we did much better.

Penalties: Number-Yards: 
Vandy 11-68 vs. Georgia 7-47     

Considering they came in the game averaging just a bit over 4 penalties per game, it isn't hard to see Georgia did a better job of handling themselves. Vandy got hosed on one call (the roughing the punter) but completely got away with tackling Mitchell despite his clearly calling for the fair catch on a punt, so things equaled out.

As an aside, how can you, as an official, not immediately throw a flag when a Georgia punt returner is tackled. We fair catch somewhere in the neighborhood of 105% of all punts. Do these guys not watch game film?

Overall, Vandy got whistled for six false start/off sides/substitution penalties. They picked up the aforementioned roughing the punter. Most importantly, they picked up an unnecessary roughness at the worst possible time, killing Vandy's most impressive offensive drive of the night. They didn't bait Georgia into making dumb decisions.



Coach Jimmy said...

But it was our plan this game not to bait the Georgia players and allow the crowd to affect our rhythm, therefore allowing us to get penalized more frequently and at least win one statistical category. This falls right in line with the new Vandy, keeping opponents from knowing what to expect. Just like returning kickoffs no matter how deep into the endzone they travel and returning a punt even if it only nets 6 inches.

Any team can win a game. It takes a real program to win a press conference.

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