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September 26, 2012

South Carolina Hotel and Ticket Information

With ESPN using a Wild Card on this game and moving it to 7pm, some folk's travel plans have gotten re-arraigned (like mine). I was betting on a 3:30 kickoff and doing a day trip from Athens. Now, I have to stay in Cola Saturday night. There are still some rooms around.

Also, there are lots of tickets still available, including in the Visitor's Sections (which I believe to be 15-17 and maybe part of 18, 501 and parts of 502 and 508/509, and most of the 900s; if you have more info, please update it in the comments).

Williams-Brice Stadium
(Image: Awesome Seating)
Ed Note: We do get small commissions from the ticket broker and from the hotel website. Last I checked, the prices for the hotels mirrored the rates you could find at the individual hotel's websites. Clearly, if you find a better rate, use those rates. If they are the same, we'd appreciate you helping us out.


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