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October 26, 2012

3 Questions: Florida

  1. Will Aaron Murray get the 'big game fail' monkey off his back? Florida's defense is very good. However, it doesn't possess the upfront rushing threat that South Carolina posed. This isn't Kentucky's defense  but their are places that can be exploited. Will his offensive coordinator call the plays that put him in that position?
  2. Can we just stop pretending to have a punt return? And rush all 11.
  3. Is Todd Grantham on the hot seat? Should he be?
This isn't a lost cause game. Pundits and others are willing to write off Georgia on the basis of two games, both against South Carolina. I'm not willing to do so.


Anonymous said...

My sense of despondency is just from years of being let down after this ballgame. I'm not an optimist by nature, so this week has been crummy for me as far as being a Dawg fan goes. I don't know if Murray can get the "fail monkey" off his back, but this would be a damn good time to light up a decent defense the way he does against bad defenses.

Special teams really worries me. I can just see them sending a big rush when we're pinned deep, blocking a kick late in the game, and the sea of red heading to the exits. Or a missed extra point or two.

Finally, I don't know if Grantham is on the hot seat. I'd hate to have another transition year, but I hope that McGarity is good enough and sharp enough at his job that he's able to see a trend one way or another. If he's not the guy to get it done, how many more chances does Richt get to fix the defense?

What I see when I watch a UF defense or an LSU defense (strangely, I haven't seen a Bama game; living here will turn you off of all things Bama), I see a defense that plays a fast and violent game of football. I haven't seen that from our defense in a long time; even last year I didn't think we played with the speed and intensity of a team like LSU. UF's energy almost seems palpable, even on TV, and I don't see that with our guys.

I hope to see something good this weekend; I really do. The part of me, though, that always thinks the sky is falling on the Bulldogs just can't comprehend where the program goes if something like 2008 or 2009 happens again.


Anonymous said...

Grantham's resume' includes moves every 3 or 4 years so I figured he wouldn't be in Athens too long, whether it be his choice or the schools.

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