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October 26, 2012

Florida's Offense through the season

I checked out their defense and didn't really find any thing earth shattering, other than they completely dominated South Carolina (but South Carolina dominated them, as well) and Bowling Green is a good team, statistically speaking. All stats are from

2012 Florida Gators Scoring Offense Game Log through 10/23/2012

showing opponent national rank in scoring defense
09/01/12Bowling Green19W 27-143230027
09/08/12@ 22 Texas A&M38W 20-172220020
09/15/12Tennessee99W 37-204340037
09/22/12Kentucky96W 38-05150038
10/06/12LSU10W 14-62020014
10/13/12Vanderbilt33W 31-173321031
10/20/1217 South Carolina15W 44-116150044
No surprises here. The only outlier is South Carolina, which is what you get when you give up touchdown scoring drives of 1, 2, 11, and 29 yards. 

2012 Florida Gators Rushing Offense Game Log through 10/23/2012

showing opponent national rank in average ypr defense
09/01/12Bowling Green30W 27-14422205.242
09/08/12@ 22 Texas A&M35W 20-17481422.962
09/15/12Tennessee97TW 37-20433367.812
09/22/12Kentucky67W 38-0452004.443
10/06/12LSU8W 14-6581763.032
10/13/12Vanderbilt91W 31-17353269.313
10/20/1217 South Carolina7W 44-1148891.852

All over the map. The did well against Bowling Green's tough unit. Were average at best against Kentucky. Were dominated by Texas A&M, LSU and South Carolina.

2012 Florida Gators
Passing Offense Game Log through 10/23/2012

showing opponent national rank in defensive passer rating
09/01/12Bowling Green21W 27-14211361.91456.910135.62
09/08/12@ 22 Texas A&M35W 20-17171482.41659.700163.88
09/15/12Tennessee66W 37-20201470.021911.020194.98
09/22/12Kentucky120W 38-0271866.72037.511134.64
10/06/12LSU2W 14-612866.7615.100109.37
10/13/12Vanderbilt14W 31-17201155.0773.90087.34
10/20/1217 South Carolina20W 44-11171270.6945.540194.68
This is even more all over the place. They were awesome against South Carolina's very good defensive unit. They were average against Kentucky's awful unit. 

A few things to take away from this. First, we don't have to do anything fancy to stop Florida's rushing game.  They are ranked 44th in the nation in rushing offense, yet are tied for 16th in the nation on runs of 10+ yards, so they get big chunks of their rushing yards on big plays. They are most effective running the ball on first down (5.36 ypc) and run the ball on first down 79% of all first down plays. Gillislee has 82 of their 158 first down rushes. Driskel, despite only 66 running attempts on the season, has 25 of Florida's 73 rushing first downs. Gillislee has 26 on double the carries. Oh, when Burton is lined up in the Wildcat on first down, he is a monster (6 carries for 92 yards).

Driskel's runs for positive yardage are almost equally split between designed QB runs to the middle on a delay or the zone read where he has an outlet in the TE (usually Jordan Reed, who is leading the team in receptions). Overall, passing isn't what they do. They are the only team in the conference with under 1000 yards passing on the season (which is saying something considering Auburn's woes).

The key is making Driskel earn yardage and look for reasons to throw the ball. We have to contain Gillislee at the line, but know that you can stop him using basic personnel as long as you wrap him up on contact. The key to Florida's offense is not making plays, it is using misdirection to make other teams miss tackles.

One last thing that sticks out to me as I looked at these stats. Florida either scores or goes 3-5 and out. Their average starting field position is their own 35 yard line, so that isn't a surprise when you consider their great punter.  However, it is something to look for as they don't often put together 7-9 play drives that result in a punt.



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