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October 25, 2012

Florida Defense through this season

Much is being made about Florida's defense and rightly so. I did some quick looking through to see if there was any rhyme or reason (or hope) in their stats:

2012 Florida Gators Scoring Defense Game Log through 10/20/2012

showing opponent offensive national scoring ranking
09/01/12Bowling Green94W 27-142020014
09/08/12@ 22 Texas A&M9W 20-172120017
09/15/12Tennessee37W 37-203020020
09/22/12Kentucky111W 38-0000000
10/06/12LSU51W 14-6020006
10/13/12Vanderbilt108W 31-172120017
10/20/1217 South Carolina48W 44-110301011

Nothing discernible here, except holding the number 9 scoring offense in the nation to 17 points. It should be noted that TAMU's stats are padded by hanging 70 on South Carolina State and also facing Arkansas (90th in scoring D), SMU (78th in scoring D) and Louisiana Tech (114th in scoring D).

2012 Florida Gators Passing Defense Game Log through 10/20/2012

showing opponent passer rating rank
09/01/12Bowling Green103W 27-14522548.12264.30180.74
09/08/12@ 22 Texas A&M46W 20-17312477.42006.500131.62
09/15/12Tennessee50W 37-20442250.02575.822104.97
09/22/12Kentucky105W 38-027829.6602.20326.07
10/06/12LSU112W 14-6251144.01586.30189.09
10/13/12Vanderbilt71W 31-17311754.82377.610129.71
10/20/1217 South Carolina29W 44-11401742.51553.90170.05

Again, other than shutting down South Carolina's read zone attack, there is nothing here that is illustrative. They have faced one top rated passing attack. They did own Shaw (9 of 20 before getting fired in the second half).

2012 Florida Gators Rushing Defense Game Log through 10/20/2012

showing opponent rushing ypc national rank
09/01/12Bowling Green37W 27-14271013.742
09/08/12@ 22 Texas A&M14W 20-17381343.532
09/15/12Tennessee48W 37-2028832.961
09/22/12Kentucky80W 38-0321594.970
10/06/12LSU31W 14-625421.680
10/13/12Vanderbilt86W 31-17471262.681
10/20/1217 South Carolina85W 44-1126361.380

Now, this is where I get nervous (but look at their performance against Kentucky.....)

From what I can see, their defense is largely a product of their opponent's ineptitude. That isn't to say they aren't good, they are, and very. That is to say that they can be beaten by using edge rushing (which Vandy did until Florida started to pull away) to set up coverage opportunities in the seams and on back shoulder passes. Texas A&M would have won that game if they had figured out a way to leverage their running backs on the edge after Florida committed to stopping Manziel on runs in the second half.

I'm working on a similar offensive breakdown for the Gators. (Hint: it involves making Driskel do anything other than run the ball.....).


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