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October 29, 2012

Dan Radakovich to Clemson

What does this mean for Georgia? Well Radakovich is a pretty good AD, first off. For proof, see the complete black opp that was their NCAA investigation. Very well played, sir. Second off, looking at their men's basketball hire, he showed ambition to go get a guy who is hungry and ready to do what his predecessor didn't: challenge the program  to lead them higher, as opposed to doing the same things that had gotten him to a National Championship appearance several years before.

Having him leave Tech because of those things is just the periphery of the awesomeness that is this news.  Let me ask you, who is going to fire Paul Johnson now?

I think there was some doubt that Johnson would get fired this season. However, this season was going nowhere, and fast. With only three wins (Div 1-AA Presbyterian and 2 win Virginia and Boston College), it is looking like The Genius of Techwood is going to have to pull some serious magic out of his ass to get to a bowl game this season with games at Maryland, at North Carolina, home against Duke (who is leading the division), and at Georgia. Now, he'll definitely be around, even if he goes 0-4 in those games.

There is no way an interim will step in and do it, unless Johnson is secretly into riding motorcycles.

Now, is there any chance Jimmy Sexton is repping Mike Hamilton?



Anonymous said...

Also, they owe PJ a $10 million buyout if they fire him after this season. That's a large chunk of change for even the most profitable athletic departments, let alone the trade school.

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