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October 22, 2012

Does it matter?

Thinking about the comments from Bobo about the 'tweaks' to the game plan for South Carolina and the lack of rushing production in Lexington, is there something more in play here than merely trying to out smart other team's coordinators? The only difference is the loss of Michael Bennett, who was our best possession receiver. Was that the difference between an effective running game and not?

It is hard to say it is when your QB goes 75% for over 400 yards. It seemed we have decided that the power I is the wave of the future of Georgia offense, despite evidence that the dynamic rushing game from earlier in the season is lacking. To put it another way, is there something about the (now gone) opportunity for the offense to check into 'that' play against certain defensive sets that added to the rushing game?

I'm honestly baffled. It isn't like our offensive line is any different than it was. They are still getting beaten just about as much as they were and making holes as much as they were. I haven't re-watched the Kentucky game, but it seemed to me they were keeping both linebackers at home to keep us from being able to run. That should have allowed someone to have man coverage, probably on the inside, which is where Murray to Bennett made a living.



Anonymous said...

Here is the problem: We have a head coach that cannot put together the talent to show up for big games or win them and his team plays down to the talent level of its opponents.

Tripper Harrison said...

It Just Doesn't Matter!!!
It Just Doesn't Matter!!!
It Just Doesn't Matter!!!
It Just Doesn't Matter!!!
It Just Doesn't Matter!!!

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