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October 12, 2012

Half season reset

Ok. So we are five and one. It has been a season of ups and one very big down. We only know that it looks like Georgia no longer has the ability to win the 'big' game under Coach Richt.

So going forward, what will have to happen to feel like we are on 'the right track' (and why am I using so many single quotations)?

I have my list. I am curious about your list.


PS. I'll be out pocket this weekend, much like I have been this week. If I don't get your comment up quickly, it is because I am at Lake Sinclair with the family.


Corbindawg said...

Beat Florida.

Anonymous said...

Only thing left to prove Richt can win the meaningful games is...BEAT UF! After that we play no one else ranked to prove anything to anybody.

I am starting to think that with the personnel that we have on this roster, Ron Zook could have gotten us closet to the SEC/crystal!

Anonymous said...

Pretty simple. Beat Florida.

Anonymous said...

Been a big Richt an staff supporter. To keep supporting we MUST WIN OUT. Period

Brandon said...

McGarity's philosophy at UF was to schedule weaker OOC games. I wonder if that needs to change? It seems our coaches and players need more experience against strong teams. With way we recruit we'll always be favored in 9 games each year. We need to develop the skills and mindset for the other 3 games.

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