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October 4, 2012

SEC Drug Policies

Mr. SEC updates the SEC drug policy penalties to include Missouri and Texas A&M. DBG's pot bust in Missouri leads me to believe this is his second time.

His list:
School  Strike One  Strike Two  Strike Three  Strike Four
  Alabama  No Suspension  15% of Season  One Year  Dismissal
  Arkansas  No Suspension  10% of Season  50% of Season  Dismissal
  Auburn  No Suspension  50% of Season  Dismissal
  Florida  No Supension  10% of Season  20% of Season  Dismissal
  Georgia  10% of Season  50% of Season  Dismissal
  Kentucky  10% of Season  50% of Season  Dismissal
  LSU  No Suspension  “up to” 15% of Season  Dismissal (One Year)
  Miss. State  No Suspension  50% of Season  One Year  Dismissal
  Missouri  No Suspension  “Seven Days”  Dismissal
  Ole Miss  No Suspension  “up to” 25% of Season  Dismissal
  S. Carolina  No Suspension  25% of Season  Dismissal
  Tennessee  No Suspension  10% of Season  Dismissal
  Texas A&M  No Suspension  “Possible Suspension”  “Possible Dismissal”
  Vanderbilt  Not Revealed  Not Revealed  Not Revealed

Vandy, as a private school, doesn't have to respond to FOIA requests or release their policies. One would assume their is something strict about drinking rail liquor and non-craft beer.



KD said...

Just guessing, but I wouldn't necessarily think this is his second offense, considering he was arrested and didn't simply fail an internal drug test.

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