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October 1, 2012

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 5

  1. Alabama - At some point, you just run out of stuff to say about how good they are.
  2. LSU - Looking average against bad teams is Georgia's thing. I guess that is what you get when pick up Richt's leftovers.
  3. UGA - If Georgia were in the Big 12, they'd only be fifth in total offense, so there is that.
  4. South Carolina - Exercise or no, being down 10 at half to Kentucky isn't good for Spurrier's ticker.
  5. Florida - Florida leads the nation in bye week love.
  6. Mississippi State - Another week that MState fans are claiming the Mullen genius is in effect since they didn't lose.
  7. Tennessee - As far as moral victories go, this one was exactly what you thought it would have been.
  8. Texas A&M - Sorry, Texas A&M. Whipping Arkansas isn't cause for celebration, except that the lack of giving the game away at the end really is.
  9. Mississippi - Staying with Alabama for a quarter is worth something.
  10. Missouri - Seasons like this is why Gary Pinkel drinks out of big wine glasses.
  11. Vandy - Gold V vs. Rock M. Either way, some random Montanite will forever turn away from football because of this game.
  12. Auburn - Yay! We didn't lose.
  13. Kentucky - Yay! We were leading at half.
  14. Arkansas - Yay! The clock ran out.


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