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October 1, 2012

Let's be clear

As long as we keep moving the ball, we are winning. My concern isn't that we stopped moving the ball late in the game. The problem was that we couldn't stop Tennessee from getting the ball back when we needed to eat some clock. IF we don't fumble or throw the ball away or run the ball out of bounds at our own 1, all of those things are hidden.

The concern I have is what happens when we can't move the ball, as we saw in the 4th quarter. Having broken long plays in all the games isn't a predictor of future ability to do so. You can bet South Carolina and Florida have looked at what Tennessee did defensively to hold us to 16 yards in the last 1/3 of the ball game.

Despite what we saw Saturday in the conference, there will come a game this season that we'll have to win without breaking 60+ yard plays offensively. I'm not sure it'll be this weekend, but it will happen. My concern is that we'll end up having to rely on Bobo to figure out how to get production out of an offense that the other team, either through scheme or match ups, has figured out, especially figured out how to stop the home run play. That is my concern.

I have loved what I've seen out of Bobo this season. He's shown the ability to adjust and get his players to preform extremely well. I just worry that we'll be in a position where we have a two point lead and 4 minutes on the clock and become unable to matriculate the ball down the field because someone has sold out to stop our running game and we become afraid to do the things that has put us in the lead.

To that end, here's hoping that we get the ball outside our own 20 if that is the case.



Anonymous said...

While I agree, if Wooten had not dropped that pass that would have been a huge first down conversion and helped those numbers and gave the defense more rest.

I agree that we've got to kick it up a notch against Darth Visor.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar dread, but one thing that I remembered that makes me not get too down, yet: The Missouri game. We weren't doing much of anything for a long time. There were no homeruns. There was no nothing... But then we got the ball moving, even as we were trailing (after the other guys hit some homerun balls). So, I think that shows it at least *can* happen; whether it will, especially as the level of competition steps up significantly, is another matter.

Dawgfan17 said...

The only thing UT did is stack the box in the 4th as they knew we were going to run it to try to run out the clock. That won't work over the course of a game because if you stack the box then you are leaving our wr's 1v1. The only adjustment we need to make is that when teams stack the box we need to be willing to throw the ball and take some risk that we will have an incomplete pass that will stop the clock.

UT loaded the box at the beggining of the 3rd quarter and we had a beautiful play action roll out that netted 39 yards on the pass to Lynch. We just need to be willing to throw on first down late in games that we are winning so teams can't stack the box and we will be just fine.

South FL Dawg said...

I share your concern, partially. Yes we need to do better than 2.85, but in the last 3 series where we failed to get a single first down, we had 6 rushes and 4 passes. I can't say we should abandon the run completely when we needed to keep the clock running. Wooten holding onto that pass would've helped. Other than that, we needed our OL to take over and instead Tennessee's d-line took over. We're not as tough upfront yet I don't think.

Anonymous said...

We didn't fool anybody on what offensive plays we were going to run in that last quarter. I must've had a dozen family members and friends text me "Typical Bobo" or "Vintage Bobo."

Anonymous said...

You guys are just unreal. This offense has put up more points in 5games than ANY other Georgia Team. There is no way you guys can be believing what you are saying. Look at the good picture. No team can have a 10 yard play or a TD on every play. Be realistic.You made your decision about Mike Bobo 3 years ago and your blinders won't allow you to see the drastic improvement there. I'm done.

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