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October 7, 2012

Six Ways to Sunday

That is how South Carolina beat us.
  1. Line play - Whipped our asses. Both sides.
  2. Offensive coaching - There is no doubt the line play contributed Murray's issues. He looked about as comfortable as I would in my ex-wife's lawyer office. However, we had a single minded devotion to that receiver screen play that bordered on insane. 
  3. Receivers vs. Dbacks - They only had six passes completed (for 162 yards, by the way), but their blocking schemes were perfect. On the planned runs, Shaw didn't really get threatened until four to six yards pass the line of scrimmage. 
  4. Special teams - [insert Jon Fabris now coaching at Indiana joke here]
  5. Fans - It pains me to say this. Absolutely, horrifically pains me. South Carolina's stadium is a better atmosphere than Sanford right now. It was packed and loud at kickoff. It was packed and loud at the end. They were spectacularly into the game. They are hungry in a way we haven't been in a long time. No two ways around it.
  6. Defensive Coaching - I think Lattimore just picked up another five yards. We didn't adjust and it looks like we didn't recognize just how badly we were getting our clocks cleaned on the zone-read, at least until it was way out of hand.


Anonymous said...

Georgia football is simply a social event for too many of our fans.

Anonymous said...

No sense of urgency anywhere in the program. From the defensive play calling to the week to week perpetration, no urgency. We must really enjoy our trips to the Outback Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the play calling at all and I have never been a Bobo basher.

1) After Gurley's 15 yard run, we didn't run outside again.

2) Inside the 10, we ran from the shotgun 4 times in a row. Didn't use a lead blocker the entire game, except in the end when Malcome was getting yards.

3) Ran up the gut at their NFL defensive line with our freshman RBs for no gain.... all night.

Anonymous said...

We are mired in mediocrity and can't escape.

Anonymous said...

Last year's winning streak was probably the worst thing that could have happened to us in the long run. I was part of the "Richt must go" crowd. That winning streak saved his the program's expense. He is not on par with many other coaches in the conference, much less the country. He has gotten UGA as far as he can. I was disappointed when he signed his extension and last night was the perfect example why I feel that way. Embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

"I simply believe that 12 years as head coach at a major university in the SEC is long enough. "--Steve Spurrier, 2001

Sports Dawg said...

You probably could have saved youself some typing and just said we got completely whipped in every phase possible. But I understand your points.

Hunkering Hank said...

I agree with all the comments pretty much made post-game on this blog.

We're just all waiting on the implosion every game and every season. How DO you have the meltdown we had against Tennessee and expect to win the next week? Seriously. If we had won, it would have been pure luck.

As long as Richt is at the helm, this is what we will do and what we will be. Georgia is a stepping stone for programs on the way up. I was in no way surprised by the outcome of this game. And I suspect I'm not the only one.

There is just no consistency of excellence and effort. The team was regrettably, predictably, TOTALLY unprepared for the game or the moment. It's pathetic.

People complain about the fans? Why do you think the fans aren't jacked up? Because we've seen it all before. People don't want to openly emotionally invest, no matter what their feelings for the DAWGS, when they just know it's coming - the collapse - the classic Richt-led collapse. Rambo blows the interception to start the game, and we're in the toilet. There's no saving it. Not with Richt "leading" the team.

Leadership, attitude, effort, consistency, and AN EDGE. They all lack at UGA and they all come from or start at the top. Richt can't cut it and he's got to go. The team was TOTALLY UNPREPARED. Certain players CLEARLY do not really care. But no worries, we will have EXACTLY the same starting lineup next game.

Same old same old.

Go Dawgs.

Dawgfan17 said...

I agree with you on all points except for about their fans. I was at the game and the ONLY time they got loud at all was during that awful techno music crap they played. It was more like a small school that has to pump in crowd music or an NFL game where that is all they do. Did they have a band?

As far as football we were awful. However the fans who trashed some of the players places after the game are the most pathetic thing of all.

Pray for Murray's family as well. His dad has cancer and is having surgery on Monday.

mdenshaw said...

Well... USC certainly has more to cheer about the moment. UGA fans witnessed a Vols team walk all over our defense for 44 points after struggling against NC State.

I've been USC/UGA games in the past. If Georgia plays well, they fans shut up like they do at other stadiums.

When was the last time a UGA team performed like an elite team against great competition at home? The black out game?

Georgia fans are a cynical lot at the moment because we haven't seen much in the past six years to get excited about... Since Saben put that beatdown on us at home the program has struggled to get anyone excited.

Anonymous said...

You have an ex-wife?

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