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November 4, 2012

3 Questions: Mississippi answers

Good game, as we were able to over come a lack of focus, a lack of ability to move the ball, and a lack of ability to stop one play from eating us up, the three headed monster of maddening performances by Georgia football.  Plus, we got a safety.
  1. Will we bring the intensity? It sure looked for a quarter we wouldn't. We were flat on offense. Everybody (well, it was hard to see if Murray was, he was flat on his back mostly). We blew blocking assignments. Receivers weren't running crisp routes. Defensively, it looked better, but we didn't really clamp down until the end of the first. After that, it was on.
  2. Can the defense make good on last week's enormous show of promise? I asked for a strong performance from number 9. Wow. Once we figured out they were going to run that little swing pass until we stopped it and actually stopped it, the defense was baller.  They only gave up 55 yards in the second half. Even stronger, they only gave up 73 yards over the last 42 minutes of game time. By my count, Ole Miss only had on two first downs in that time. Ole Miss came in gaining 430 ypg. Georgia held them 200 yards under that.
  3. Can the offensive line play the game they did last week? The line did not look good at times. I'll have to see the replay to say what sacks fell on them and what fell on the backs/Murray, but there were definitely missed assignments. Ole Miss was bringing some exotic looks and was blitzing pretty often, but they don't have the front line talent Florida does. Still, you have to give some credit to them for the 145 yards rushing and improving protection to give their QB a 21 of 28 performance.
Overall, Georgia did what good teams do. They overcame a feisty opponent who had planned well to exploit their defensive aggressiveness. Then they absolutely owned that opponent. I'll take it.



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