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November 4, 2012

Marlon Brown Injury

Marlon on the move versus Vandy.
(Image: Hipple)
As you know, Marlon got hurt on a catch in the Ole Miss game yesterday. Now, we now know his UGA career is over. He'll undergo surgery on his ACL this week.

Here's wishing a Damn Good Dawg a quick recovery.



Anonymous said...

Did you watch the play where he was injured? Appears the Ole Miss CB twisted his knee and possibly caused the injury

Tyler Dawgden said...

Haven't seen it yet. I did think it was interesting that Coach Richt got a question about it during his Sunday media time.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely looked like the Ole Miss defender intentionally twisted Marlon's knee as they were on the ground. It's a shame for Marlon. A DGD who was beginning to become the receiver we all thought he would be.

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