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November 23, 2012

3 Questions: Tech

  1. Did last week pay off? Scheduling Georgia Southern only pays off if it helped Georgia prepare for Tech's offensive scheme. There are similarities, but Tech approaches blocking a bit differently. My gut tells me it will (but Tech will get their yards).
  2. How much did Coach T's dress down work? We can doubt how much Coach T will help guys run faster, work harder in the weight room or be on the cutting edge of anything. You can never doubt his ability to motivate. If the rumors of his speech to the team are correct, I look for the team to be extremely fired up and ready to knock heads. Look for some penalties.
  3. Can we continue the offensive trend? I look for a repeat of last week's game plan with running the ball early. Tech is in the 60s in total D but is 43rd in rush defense. They are 88th is pass defense. My guess is that we'll see what we can do to handle the game without throwing it too much knowing we'll be in a position to exploit TE and deep passes when we have to. A great game for us will involve Gurley and Marshall ripping off a couple of long runs early and Tech not being able to stop the run. If they do, it'll be close until late.
Overall, this game has the makings of another close first half, with Georgia pulling away in the 3rd quarter. as long as we get through the game with a win and no injuries, I'll take it.



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