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November 22, 2012

UGA Paintline calls for fans to wear black

The guys that are at the front of the student section every game are a real group. They are calling for Georgia fans to wear black to the game Saturday. Now, before you get all 'fake juice' and stuff, this is a student lead thing, not a team thing.

After the poor showing by the general student body at the Georgia Southern game, any thing lead by the students to get the crowd fired up is a good thing. Remember, this game is about the seniors and what those guys have given to us, the fans, in that time. We can be a fickle, whiny group. We can be demanding, petulant and completely overwrought  Sometimes all of those things are warranted. However, if we expect the football team to show up and give their all, shouldn't we do the same?

Paul Westerdawg and I'll be in black on Saturday and in the stadium in time to cheer the seniors pre-game. Kudos to the students for trying to get the fans to the stadium and loud to support the team.



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