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November 21, 2012

3 people you don't want on your front porch

If you are a college football coach:

  1. Yahoo Sports. Unlike other media outlets that have skin in the game, Yahoo Sports's Pat Forde and Charles Robinson are great at finding sources and getting them to talk. If you see them around, your day just got a lot less happy. I'm pretty sure you can officially hang up Trooper Taylor's towel if any of this report sticks.
  2. 60 Minutes. No hookers were killed in the writing of this post.
  3. Your girlfriend. Especially if she is a stripper. I'd guess. I've never been to Arety's Angels. Honestly.
Right now, the Gene Chizik error is on the clock.



Dawgfan Will said...

Don't forget Jim Cantore. Although that's more of an "in your town" rather "on your front porch."

Carlton said...

I wouldn't want Chris Hansen on my front lawn....

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