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November 21, 2012

Georgia's National Championship Chances: By the Numbers

Very interesting stuff by CFBTN on Georgia's (and other contenders) chances for playing in the BCS NCG. They place Georgia at 25%, behind 'Bama's 71% and Notre Dame's 50%. Keeping in mind that basically Georgia or Alabama is a binary choice, it isn't surprising that Georgia and Alabama's % nearly equals 100.

They also break down the possible match-ups and the likelihood of that match-up. Georgia vs. Notre Dame is the second most likely match-up, at 12.56%.

Georgia's %'s:

v. Notre Dame - 12.56%
v. Kansas State - 4.66%
v. Oregon (as Pac-12 Champ) - 3.42%
v. Oregon (as non Pac -12 Champ) - 2.64%
v. any other team but Notre Dame, Alabama, Kansas State, or Oregon - 1.75%

Interestingly, Georgia has the highest percentage of likelihood of playing anyone random of all the teams listed.



Billy Madison said...

So Georgia has no chance of playing Florida? What if Georgia wins the SEC and Florida beats Florida St.?

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