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November 26, 2012

Final Georgia Tech thoughts

Before we look ahead, we must look back.

The Tech game is exactly what we hoped we'd get out of scheduling Georgia Southern the weekend before. While there is a talent differential between the two programs, it isn't so pronounced as to say Tech is that much worse. That being said, Southern gave Georgia the opportunity to work out the kinks of handling that type of offense.

A few thoughts:
  • I was surprised Tech basically said 'if you can pass it, you can beat us.' I guess they thought the coaches had been reading Sting Talk's OMG!1! our dbacks are the best Georgia has faced!1!. In particular, there were two plays that stood out. First was the pass to Mitchell where he wide open. No only did the back bite way too hard on the play action, he wasn't even in the right place on the field for deep cover help. The second was the toss sweet to Marshall for the TD. They had no help on that side for the CB isolated on the receiver. We had ran the same play, but with a pass earlier and had we done so again, it'd have been wide open.
  • I think Godhigh said some bad stuff about Ogletree's momma.
  • I was happy to see the fire of Grantham after the late GT TD. I heard Bobo had some choice words for the world after a particularly lazy 3 and out late. Good.
  • Christian Robinson has quietly become a force on defense, as well.
  • Good on Bacarri with the interception. Excellent on Bacarri with the take away.
  • The more I see Jay Rome, the more I think he'll be a difference maker next season for whatever QB is here.
  • Has there ever been a bigger cheer than for five touchbacks?
Now, to get the defense back to playing the kind of offense Alabama will bring to Atlanta.



Dash said...

Robinson seems to be able to read the option offense particularly well. He's a damn good dawg and I'm glad he got to start on senior day and perform well. That being said, with us going against a more traditional/physical team, here's to hoping he sees less of the field.

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