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November 26, 2012

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 13

There are definite tiers in the SEC. Top six are didn't lose to the other eight. The bottom didn't win anything. In fact, without the bottom two, Tennessee and Arkansas don't win any conference games. Missouri's only win outside of the bottom two was Tennessee. Truly bad.

  1. Alabama - Nick Saban doesn't have time for allowing Auburn to score.
  2. Georgia - Georgia has been waiting for their chance. Now is their chance.
  3. Florida - Good win for the Gators. Now they get to be Georgia and make the Sugar Bowl despite finishing second in their conference.
  4. Texas A&M - Kevin Sumlin should be coach of the year and it isn't close. First year at a new program. New QB. New program in the SEC. National recognition. Oh, by coach of the year, I meant national coach of the year.
  5. LSU - The Bengals sure dance with the devil. They have a +30 point differential in SEC games. The closest team to them in both points scored and points scored against? Vandy.
  6. South Carolina - Will the Gamecocks make rings commemorating the win over Clemson or the win over Georgia?
  7. Vandy - Franklin would ordinarily be a lock for coach of the year, but now that Vandy is expected to make a bowl, how long before the Commodores get restless and want more?
  8. Mississippi - Winning the Egg Bowl to get bowl eligible is a good start, but remember David Cutcliffe was fired for being competent at merely winning the last game of the regular season.
  9. Mississippi State - Losing the Egg Bowl is the least of Dan Mullen's worries. He can't afford a player of Cam Newton's talent to come and give him the leeway of two more losses to Mississippi.
  10. Arkansas - For Arkansas to have a worse off season than last year, they'd have to hire Mike Locksley and have him get caught in a love triangle with Ginnifer Flowers and Aubie.
  11. Missouri - The same old Big 12 offense and defense proved to not work in the SEC. That might be  the epitaph of Gary Pinkel's career.
  12. Tennessee - Well, if the Vols had played like that all season....
  13. Kentucky - Has the SEC's best OOC win against OMG KENTSTATEFLASHESBCSBUSTERSBABY!1!. That has to mean something.
  14. Auburn - When your best option as an Interim is Trooper Taylor, you've got huge issues. Jay Jacobs has to be the next firing.


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