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November 2, 2012

Finally, we got one of those

I don't buy into the whole Florida's got our number thing much. Yes, they have had an incredible run over the past 20 or so years. Too that has been due to considerably more talented teams and considerably better coached teams, especially the first 11 years and four years in the middle of the '00s in that run.

As for the other years, there have been a number of factors that played into Georgia losses. Poorly timed fumbles/interceptions. Bad bounces on Florida fumbles. Timeouts given after the ball is snapped. Dropped passes. Passes caught that had no business being caught.  

Think about the fumble into the end zone this year. Think about Driskel's first fumble and how it magically bounced under a Dawg, even though it went into the middle of Florida' offensive line. Stuff like that has been the expected norm for Georgia fans to worry about.

Oh, and the crazy string of touchdowns that Florida scored late in the game where we had multiple opportunities to tackle them, but whiffed. Like this...

As I have watched this play about 20 times since seeing it live, it is crazy to think how many times we've seen that same type play happen, but with Florida scoring the touchdown. 

It feels good for it to happen to us again.



Anonymous said...

Great one handed block by Lynch on Elam. Would have been easy to get a hold or block in the back there. Guess all his time with JTII in the Stegeman dungeon paid off.

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