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November 3, 2012

Pour some out for your Homies

It is Homecoming. This is a cool time of the football season for me. We get to catch up with old friends, see who we are going to be in a few years, and increasingly, see who we were a few years back. I always enjoy seeing the cheerleaders from years past leading cheers. I'm guessing I'll be less interested in that in a few years when my contemporaries are leading cheers, and I hear the crowd talk about 'them cute old ladies' down there.

It is also a time of introspection. We've all lost folks that mean a lot to us over the year. We've also lost some Damn Good Dawgs in the past year: Munson, Sky, Conrad Fink and countless others. So tip a bit out for your Homies that aren't here with us today.

They've earned it.



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