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November 3, 2012

First Thoughts on Ole Miss

First half wasn't pretty, but once Georgia decided Ole Miss might look to run that swing pass again and brought someone off the edges to disrupt the  passing lane, it changed the tenor of the game.
  • Everyone where I as sitting was blaming the OLine for the early sacks. I haven't watched the replay, but from my seats, it looked like Gurley was just flat missing his read on the blocks.
  • That being said, Murray really kept his head about him, despite getting hit a LOT in the first quarter.
  • Hello fullback in the offense. I love Hall, but there is something that Bobo doesn't trust about him that he does with Ogletree.
  • Speaking of Ogletree, wow on the defense. Best game of the season.
  • I'll have to review the game, but the long pass play on third down that got Ole Miss down field for their FG was really an over pursuit by the Dback. He (don't remember who it was) was going for the INT instead of the pass defense. 
  • I'm glad the little rec ball turnover fest that broke out ended with Georgia on the plus side of the ledger.
  • By my count, Ole Miss only had about 60 yards in the second half. Pwned.
  • Speaking of Pwned, it is incredible the calls the officials are coming up with now. That personal foul call was just horse shit. Again Jarvis was held on at least half his pass rushes.
This one never felt like it was in play, even though the Dawgs were down 10-0 early. The defense locked down on the Rebels and the running game got going. And Murray was very, very good.  The team looked flat the first three or four series, especially the offense, but beyond that it was on.


Anonymous said...

I think it was Williams who missed the interception.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Rambo.

Btw, how can you say this game was never in play? It took a miracle play at the end of the half to get a lead. I was nervous and I know 93,000 others who were too.....

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