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November 18, 2012

Indiana looms

While basketball rankings have absolutely no relevance, other than to give TV people and fans stuff to hype about, they are grounded in reality. Indiana is at or near the top of the rankings for a reason. Actually, several reasons. They are well coached. They play disciplined defense (although they are suspect for a top tier team). They are patient with the ball on offense and have several guys that can create opportunities (Oladipo, Zeller, Hulls and Watford) for other players.

In short, they are the opposite of the Georgia Bulldogs right now. After last week's gut wrenching overtime loss to Southern Miss, I wanted to see what positives came from the game. We saw Georgia's offense finally coming to life a bit in the second half. Defensively, we played a much better second half than we have seen in the last two games. We didn't foul as a pretext for defense (the Eagles only took eight FT in the game).

At this point, we are going to have to hope we shoot someone out of the gym. We are taking way too many 3pt shots for our offensive scheme. We aren't scoring points in the paint. We aren't creating second chance opportunities. However, there is a glimmer of good news in that: We can beat Indiana and shock plenty of people. If our outside shots start falling and we put up ridiculous 3pt numbers, we can beat the Hoosiers.

But that is the only way I see it happening.



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